Entry #2

Taking commisions from now on !

2015-03-08 07:44:20 by TripleA096

Well, im back (though i came back a while ago, just haven't made a post about it), and i need money, so i'll be drawing commisions for people. I dont actually know how much one will cost, i think it will need to be discussed. Well, i dont actually think anyone will ever want to pay me for my drawing skills (considering i havent been posting a lot of art lately). Anyways, hope you have a good day !

And lets put a picture i drew yesterday night when i was supposed to sleep


I dunno who that is, its completely random ._.


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2015-03-08 19:21:47

I love the eyes, Hope you decide on a price.


2015-05-13 18:32:55

what's your mmr in dota2?

TripleA096 responds:

Um, i only played with a group and group mmr is about 1800. Shame on me ._.


2015-05-13 19:13:22

ouch :/